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What best suits my face shape ?

Round Face
Hairstyles should create an illusion of length without adding undue
width, so graduated layers are good, removing weight from the sides.

Square faces
Those with square faces usually have broad foreheads and strong jaws
with a square chin. Soften the look with a texturised, curvy or spiky hair cut.

Oval faces
This balanced face shape is the most versatile in terms of carrying off
a wide range of hair styles. The face narrows at the forehead and
typically has high cheekbones, and sometimes a pointed chin. Experiment
away, if you have the will you can find a way to make most looks work,
including up-dos.
Long face
An oblong face is longer than it is wide and has a higher forehead than
the oval shaped face. Hair styles need to break up length, so a fringe
is a good way to disguise an expanse of forehead. Mid to longer lengths
can be flicked up to provide outward movement and colour can add
Heart-Shaped face
With a wide forehead and high cheekbones, this face narrows through the
jawline to a fine chin. It needs attention taken off the sloping chin
with hairstyles that have movement and softness. A long fringe and soft
curls can do the trick.


On behalf of the bridal party I would like to thank you all for such a wonderful stress-free experience! You guys are amazing and did a fantastic job! We couldn't have asked for better!

Dear Shine team Thanks loads for your work on myself and the girls on my big day

We had such great feed back and I wanted to thank you for making my day stress free  

A note to say thank you so much for your time and skills

There were so many comments on the Hair and make-up and it was so nice to have some one we had a connection with

Thank you so much for a fabulous morning getting ready for my wedding & all the preparation in the lead up to the big day we were all really happy with our hair & make-up
 Selina Green

I’m one of those clients who never books until the last minute, is usually in a rush, wants a distinctive style created without fuss in upmarket surroundings and all this from welcoming professionals who are genuinely interested in making me look and feel great. I get all this and more from Shine – a fantastic team with exceptional skills.

Come to your senses.

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